Taking Care of the Most
Vulnerable in Times of Crisis

Call on our emergency courier service
when you can't leave home

National emergencies threaten the health and safety of citizens all across the country. However, the first to be affected are those people with chronic health problems or severe mobility issues. That's why Mitten State Delivery provides emergency courier services to help those most in need to stock up during times of crisis.

If you need to buy medical supplies, food or other household necessities, call (616) MITTENS (616-648-8367) right away. One of our crew members will deliver your products to your home.

We care for your furry family members, too

Depending on the type of emergency affecting our community, you may need help getting medical care for your beloved pets, too. If you're unable to leave home and your animal needs medical attention, one of our couriers will transport your animal to your vet. We can also deliver emergency pet provisions to keep your animal comfortable and fed during a crisis.

Contact the staff at Mitten State Delivery to schedule transportation for your pet or to order supplies today.

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